D​​​​​​​ON'T REPLACE - RESTORE & RE​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​COLOUR

Save Thousands By Spray Painting Your Existing Ali or uPVC  

Restore Oxidised Windows 

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Spray Painting and Colour Restoration for old faded and oxidised joinery here in New Zealand

Faded & Oxidised Joinery

in the Waikato

Wanted Right Now 

Have you got Old Faded, Oxidized joinery ?

IF YES contact us and we can restore it to look like new AND offer you a SPECIAL SHOW HOME price at the same time. 

A win-win situation on the following :

Garage doors

Windows, Doors & Ranch Sliders

We are building a new portfolio on these items and are looking for homes that qualify and would look great in BEFORE & AFTER videos and pictures... FOR THAT we offer you a super price on inspection. 

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Everyone knows that Aluminium and uPVC deteriorates with the UV light and oxidises from salt and the sun over a period of years.  Old faded and dull looking joinery can be revitalised with new fresh modern materials. 

One can expect a approximately 15- 20 years at best but after this joinery starts to discolour to a dull  'faded ' shade.

Normally this means having to think about an expensive replacement. NOT anymore !

We Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

We are Aliminium and uPVC paint sprayers. We also use clear protective coatings to restore faded joinery and can completely transform the look of your home. These modern  specialist paints and coatings can extend the life expectancy of window, garage and door frames for another 15 years. 

You Don't Have To Move To Improve -  Spray Paint or Restore

Change the look and feel from an old tired joinery, doors or exterior cladding to a new fresh and modern colour that brings style and improved value to your home.  


In fact we are so convinced you'll also love the product finish and our workmanship that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your new windows, doors, garages or roof don't look super fantastic after our technicians complete the spray painting process, we'll rub them down, start again and complete new spray works free of charge until you are fully satisfied and over the moon with the result.
That's fair don't you think ? 

See pictures of some different jobs while in the UK. 

The same process applies to ali

joinery, clean, prep, mask and re-

colour... Clean up, then WOW !

Watch a video of the application and transformation from old white uPVC to new vibrant modern looking home.


Also commercial joinery for shops fronts, offices and industrial areas can be modernised and protected.

See old green shop Ali joinery spray painted black.

WHY SPEND thousands 

on a new joinery when we can repaint or restore your old oxidized frames for

1/3 of the price .. 


 Or Less in many cases !

Transforming Your Property For Less

Examples of spray painted uPVC windows & doors whilst in the UK

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Restore Oxidised Garage Doors